Welcome to Select Corporate Services

Select Corporate Services was founded by two business associates that witnessed entrepreneurs failing due to company debt in personal accounts, insufficient tax knowledge, and inadequate entity setup. SCS saw an opportunity to help those needs and provide clients with the skilled advice and knowledge needed to achieve success in their startups. We have stocked our staff with certified CPAs and other experienced professionals and have assisted thousands of clients in meeting their tax needs. Working for clients 365 days a year, we also offer estate planning for individuals seeking to pass on assets with minimal inconvenience to themselves and their loves ones. The company will aid in determining whether to establish a business as an LLC, S-corporation, C-corporation, or dual entity. Other services include corporate credit financing, which includes choosing the best source of credit and one-on-one coaching sessions for building credit. Additionally, we are skilled working with clients involved in financial markets to help them decrease their tax burden from this type of income. We encourage you to browse through our website to see how our company is set apart from other competitors. Learn how Select Corporate Services can help your company achieve unyielding success and to mitigate stress come tax season.


Creating a thorough estate plan to safeguard your assets and provide for your loved ones can appear daunting without the proper knowledge and tools. We can help ensure your assets are going to your loved ones and not the IRS.


When it comes to taxes, it’s imperative to know the ins and outs to maximize your savings. Let us guide you in the right direction. Don’t overpay, get our help.


When it comes to obtaining financing, there are several options for business owners. Conventional loans from a large financial institution or a local credit union are two routes you can take. Let us help guide you to the right financing options according to your  business plan.


It is essential to create the appropriate legal structure for your business. Selecting the right type of corporation for your new business multiplies your chances of financial and functional success.