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First things first:
A solid foundation for your Real Estate Business.

Select Corporate Services focuses on the needs of the real estate and aims to ensure our expertise and services match your unique goals. Our services are extendable to all 50 states. We provide this benefit to you as you are never limited by either where you live or where you want to invest. The best real estate deals are not always local and we believe in unlimited opportunities. Our team will be able to advise you with a national perspective on how to set up entities that give you the maximum advantages.

A proper entity structure will provide for you two main benefits:
Legal Protection and Tax Advantages


Legal protection is the first and foremost priority of setting up a business entity. It is imperative to separate your personal assets from your business. Without a legal entity structure, your business and your personal assets are all in the same basket. In the event that your business is sued and you do not have a business entity set up, your personal assets such as your house, your car and your savings would be at risk. Creating an entity will forge the separation you need to mitigate this risk.

As your needs increase, you will want to separate your business assets from each other for the same reason; you do not want an issue with one business to affect your whole investment portfolio.


We are sure you have heard how businesses get better tax advantages. Now is your opportunity to enjoy those expanded advantages. Our consultation will include advising you on the benefits of various entity structures and help you to determine the best fit for you to maximize your tax potential.

Each entity is tailored with client specific articles of incorporation and tax designations. We can also connect your existing Estate Plan into the entity structure. If you do not have an Estate Plan, we will be able to explain how this will benefit your business as well as your personal situation.

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